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When we ignore our “gut” sense of things, we are denying, dismissing, or invalidating our deepest intuition, which can inhibit our connection with self and others. It takes fierce commitment to seek a more fulfilling and happier life, one that we have consciously created, versus “fell into” while living from a traumatized or ‘survival’ self.

It requires great courage and fortitude to engage in meaningful change so that you can thrive in every area of your life. I will walk with you, support you, and encourage you every step of the way.


My name’s Rebecca C. Mandeville. I’m a trauma-informed psychotherapist, ‘adult survivor’ recovery coach, career coach, educator, and blogger who specializes in understanding dysfunctional family systems and organizational systems. I’m also the author of a best-selling book on what I named Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA), ‘Rejected,Shamed, and Blamed: Help and Hope for Adults in the Family Scapegoat Role (available at Amazon and most major online book retailers). You can preview my book on family scapegoating, below:


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My current services are as follows:

Online Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy (California residents only)

Online Trauma-Informed Recovery Coaching (International)

Life Coaching

Career Coaching

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At this time my online psychotherapy and coaching practices are FULL. If you’d like to be included on my waiting list, visit the ‘Let’s Connect’ page via the menu and write ‘WAITING LIST’ in your message.


Rebecca C. Mandeville has been serving clients in her Psychotherapy, Recovery Coaching, and Career Coaching practices for the past twenty years. She served as Core Faculty at the world-renowned Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where she first began to identify, describe, and define what she later named ‘Family Scapegoating Abuse’ (FSA).

Rebecca is a pioneer in researching and writing about the overlapping symptoms of family scapegoating abuse (FSA), complex trauma (C-PTSD), and betrayal trauma, and the devastating impact and effects of multigenerational trauma. You can learn more about FSA by reading her best-selling book, ‘Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed: Help and Hope for Adults in the Family Scapegoat Role‘, available at most major online retailers.

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