Conflict Negotiation Style Quiz

Learn More About the Conflict Negotiation Style Quiz

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my quiz. My name’s Rebecca C. Mandeville, and I’m a therapist, author, executive coach, and career coach specializing in building healthy, high-functioning organizational systems (which usually results in happy, productive people!).

When you have a conflict with someone, whether at work or in your personal life, do you feel equipped to stand your ground without becoming aggressive or avoidant?

This quiz can give you insight into your tendencies and your overall approach to handling conflict. It will give you a general idea of what you do well and what might need some adjustment for the benefit of all.

Learn which conflict negotiation style fits your personality by taking the quiz, below. You’ll also receive some quick tips and gain deeper understanding as to why you may have adopted a particular approach when faced with conflict (which can begin surprisingly early on in life).